Fixed Asset Tax Depreciation limitations for vehicles (AX 2009)


I am trying to find any info or guidance on the recent change for assets placed in service in the 2013 tax year with regards to the limits of tax ( depreciation book ) depreciation. the recent change states that the max depreciation first year for passenger autos is 3160 for the first year, 5100 for the second, 3050 for the third and 1875 for all remaining years. also, the rules changes for trucks and van with the amounts being 3360, 5400, 3250 and 1975 on the same schedule as for passenger autos.

I have found some info that there is something to handle this but outside of it simply existing, i wasn’t able to find much else. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this already and if so help me find the functionality already in AX or the KB to install to get this functionality.

we are currently running AX 2009 ( 5.0.1500.4570 [ SP1 RU7 ] ) with the following KBs:


Just wanted to follow up on this.