Fixed Asset set up

I am new to AX, used to be using other ERP products, so I have some kind of basic questions to ask, so hopefully some kind hearted and patience people will give me a hand.

  1. I believe setting up the FA calendar is required for getting the depreciation calculation process to work, right ?

  2. when I try to set up the FA calendar, say for year 2012, a monthly basic, i.e 12 period in one year, even though I specify the no of period is 12, and the unit is “month”, after clicking the “Create New year” button, at the “View Period” form, I can only see one “BIG” period, for 2012, starting from 1/Jan - 31/Dec, do I have to use the “Split” period button (a couple of time) to break up this one big period into 12 periods ?

  3. Where should I attach the Depreciation book to the asset ? and is the depreciation book contains the depreciation schedule of an asset ? if yes, how does the depreciation schedule get or post into the depreciation book ?

  4. I know that business usually post the monthly depreciation entries to the GL, as a monthly expense entries, how does this happen in AX

Sorry for the long winded questions, any help is much much appreciated ?

Thanks in advance

  1. Yes

  2. specify the length of period as “1” - unit - Month". Then you will see 12 months get generated.

3.Assets>Depreciation books. yes, depreciation book will have the depreciation profile. You can use the “Depreciation books journals” to post the acquisitions and depreciations. Please note that the depreciation books transactions will not get posted to GL. - for more info.

  1. You can use Fixed assets journal under FA>Journals to post the Acquisition and the depreciations.

based on the depreciation profile linked to “Value models”, system can suggest you the monthly depreciation amount. Use the Proposals>Depreciation proposals

Hi Santos, Thanks very much for the reply, much appreciated

Re your answers to my question

  1. Thanks for that, it works perfectly

  2. The document in the link you send me, is for AX2012, do you have one for AX2009, which is the version I am working on, sorry if I had not make it clear

  3. I do aware of the FA journal and the depreciation proposals part. However, the monthly process of journaling the monthly depreciation expense, it seems to me that user need to go to check the Depreciation Proposal for each asset, take note of that month’s depreciation amount and then create a FA journal, is that right ? what if there are hundreds of assets to be managed, there must be a more efficient way of doing that, can you please advise .

  1. Depreciation Book -

When I create a Depreciation book, I need to select a FA calendar that I have created previously. The FA calendars is an annual calendar, is 12 months, 4 periods, eg FA calendar FY2014 is from 1/Jan/14 31/Dec/14, if I select this calendar to a depreciation book, will this book only will only capture depreciation for year 2014, what if asset related to this depreciation book has asset life more than 1 year, do I have to make any changes to the depreciation book ?

  1. Asset, Value Model and depreciation book

How are they configured to be linked together ? My understanding is

Asset Asset Group Value Model Depreciation Book (by specifying the value in the “Derived Depreciation Book” field

is that right ?