Fixed Asset reversal

Dear All,

I have one issue, i uploaded wrong fixed asset balances in AX, now i want to reverse the all fixed asset and depreciation balance. How to reverse the all uploaded transactions in a single shot. Is there any mass reversal functionality in ax

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Hi you can go to the Fixed transaction from fixed asset details , go to any asset for which u have posted value then u can click reversal(Make sure all number sequences are set ) and then click reversal.If u posted all the asset opening balances as one voucher then entire voucher will get reversed . If not u have to do this one by one.

While doing this u can set the paramenters as deleate reversal journal then u orginal transactions will be wiped.if this is not possible

Just extract the voucher though excel (from admin module0 then can just reverse the debit and credit columns reimport and post.


Hi Sudhakar,

Can you please tell me in which parameters i can set the "Delete reversal journal "