Fixed Asset Projected Value Report Question

We have 13 four-week accounting periods defined in Business Central (version 14). When we run the Fixed Asset Projected Value report using he accounting periods with a start date set to the first day of a period, the report breaks up the depreciation for the first period into one day and then then next 27. If we set the start date to the last day of the previous period, then we see equal depreciation buckets of 28 days. Is this normal behavior?

Example below: The start date in the first image was Jan 30, the FIRST day of a new accounting period. The start date in the second image below, the start date of January 29 is the LAST day of the previous accounting period.


When it comes to Depreciation and being consistent, I always tells my customers to use the 360 day rule to set the monthly depreciation amount to be equal except for the last period. So in your case, you started with a NBV of 6431.29. Setting the 360 depreciation rule on then with a Depreciation Start Date = 1/30/22 you will see 30 days per month.

Hope this helps.