fixed asset posting thru po

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can anybody tell how to post the fixed asset acquisition transaction with out effecting inventory item posting profile

this acquisition transaction shoud be effect to fixed asset posting profile at the time of po invoice posting without posting to inventory posting profile as while posting acquisition transaction thru po invoice, throw error like purchase expendure for expenses account not assigned in item posting profile



for Your requirement Please make one different Item group with Non-stock or Service type Item and don’t assign any ledger account to the same Item group.

As well select the Fixed Assets Card No. in purchase order line.


Jinesh Shah

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fa item created with service item type and assigned in po line then while posting po invoice system is asking select purchase expendure for expenses account in item posting profile

how to post this po invoice with out assigning this account and i need to post the invoice with fa acquisition posting profile




The Item selected in PO, definitely have posting relation with item group posting setup irrespective of stocked item/service item. It will be posted through the items groups. But immediately another offsetting entry will be posted to capitalize the fixed asset.

need not worry about physical quantity/value of items (nothing will be left)



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can u tell me one example which ledgers can assign in which filed in item group posting profile

and if i post fa thru po what could be the entry as i need final entry as

Fixed asset DR

Vendor Account CR

Please explain me item group posting profile to post FA item thru PO



Hi Rajesh ,

I am also facing the same problem , could you explain the setup for FA acquistion through Purchase order ?

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as fas as I have tested AX2012, the PO receipt is ALWAYS using the Ledger Posting setup from inventory management (Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced, OR Purchase receipt account).

The invoice is reversing this and using the Purchase Expenditure account, and NOT the FA posting profile account for acquisition; although the acquisition is posted on the fixed asset. This is very strange and not correct if you ask me.

Also, on the Inventory posting setup, there exists a posting type ‘fixed asset receipt’ on the Purchase order setup. I don’t know when this account is being used.

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