Fixed Asset opening balance

Hi All

I am using strraight line method of FA depreciation. I want to put one fixed asset (Vehicle) in 2012 which was purchase in May 2011. Vehicle Cost is 134000, depreciation in 2011=-22333.36 and the net book value is 111666.64.

To enter this asset, i aquire the FA by net book value (111666.64). And through the FA Adj Journal i pass one entry in the module for the diff in cost, to update the cost and Accumulated depreciation which is of 22333.36. This gives me the Cost of the Vehicle as 134000 and the accumulated depreciation of -22333.36.

After doing this i run the depreciation for the 9 month which is of 25125. Now when i am generating the FA balance report its Aquisition is showing 134000, which is fine but the depreciation it is showing only 25125 instead of 47458.36 (sum of during the year dep and opening).

What i was thinking is in this report it is just showing or taking the value of depreciation account not the accumulated dep.

Please advise.


I got the solution, for aquiring the Accumulated cost we have to use the Aquisition Adjustment and for Accumulated depreciation (opening balance ) we have to use the depreciation adjustment transaction type. If we use this flow then we can get the perfect reports.