Fixed Asset Module Implementation

I’m having an issue right now trying to activate/implement the Fixed Assets Module in AX 2012. My dilemma is that the company has been using and gradually implementing this system for the last 2 years and already has all of their fixed asset accounts setup in the general ledger.### I’m trying to have those balances implemented into the Fixed Asset module so that I can compute the depreciation for all the assets. Ideally I’d like to transfer the lump sum balance with corresponding depreciation to create the current NBV. That way, when computing depreciation it will calculate all assets in the particular asset group (including any additions after implementation).### I apologize if this seems like an easy question, but I’ve had little experience using this program and have had a hard time finding specific guidelines for my situation. If anyone could help guide me it would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say this module has provided me with many headaches.

I’m not even sure if “transferring” is the right term, but the whole point is to eliminate the need of spreadsheets (which currently contain all fixed asset info) and manual depreciation. Thank you to anyone that can assist me with this matter