Fixed Asset ID


Asset ID is auto

When I create it give new number as in the next number. But if I delete that asset and create another one, it is not giving the same number means next number is not updated with deletion. It is giving number after that.

Any Idea


Is the continuous selection checked on the number sequence?

Standard NAV will always increment the numbers in the number series once it’s been used. So if the system generated FA-0003 and you delete FA-0003, NAV will not generate FA-0003 again. Rather, it will generate FA-0004.

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This is an AX forum, so the answer is slightly different [:D]

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Thanks Adam

Yes. Selected. I tried cleanup - current also.

So therefore you saved the record before deleting it - in this instance the number is used, and the next number is set, if you want to reset this you need to go back to the number sequence and reset it.

Oops… my bad… Didn’t know which forum I was on…

Yes, I saved before deleting. Setting the next number in number sequence is ok.

is it not resetting to previous in next number when deleted the saved record ? if not, any reason or logic ??

The reason for the logic, I would guess is there is no resetting of the number on deletion, and for obvious reasons.

I create FA 00010, you create FA 00011, the next number is FA 00012, I delete FA 00010, if it reset the next number to FA 00010 and we create FA 00010 the next number is FA 00011 which is already taken, so would issue you with an error message and you would have to reset the number. Now apply this to a fast moving record creation and see the horrible mess you get into!

Once the number is used, it is used.

Ya. I got it. Thanks.