fixed asset group

HI all,

I want to import a fixed asset group using the x++ code

I need to change the fixed asset group existing fixed asset number id using code

thank advance

please suggest me

I suggest you explain your requirements and the problems that you have with them in much greater detail. People can’t give you any answer if they don’t understand what you need.

Also, please try to use more specific thread titles.

thanks for replying martin

normally we change fixed group by change fixed asset group but in my requirement, i have to upload 3000(assert id) fixed asset group.

by using existing fixed asset number by using excel import by x++ code

i have debugged the asset change group class it affects lot table to change group by asset id

please suggest me how to achieve this by X++ code job

please help to how to

fixed assetcha.JPG

Look at \Classes\AssetChangeGroup\updateAssetGroupInfo - Use similar logic.

thanks for replying

i have seen logic then how to apply in job i’m having the fixed asset and new fixed asset group in excel how to use it

pls help me @kranthi

They are updating the assetGroup in following tables. Use that code in your job.