Fixed Asset full depreciation


i want to depreciate an asset’s full value and make its net book value 0 once it is acquired.

i have tried to use the manual method and specified 100% for the first interval, however when i ran the depreciation proposal the depreciation wasn’t the 100% of the asset’s acquisition value.




actually even i am trying to do 100% depreciation of an asset but was unable to perform. please help me in case if you have already found a solution for this

thanks in advance.



If you would like to use the Manual method, then why are you using the Proposal.

Also please tell me how much % you got depreciated? and give me the details such as date of acquisition and the date of depreciation journal etc…

depreciation method… life of the asset…etc.

let me recreate the scenario

I have figured out the reason why i’m not getting the depreciation amount as 100% of the acquisition amount. it was because the difference between the acquisition date and the depreciation date was not 1 month, where my depreciation interval was set to monthly. i just had to change “Depreciation run date” for the asset to be exactly 1 month from the depreciation date (which is usually end of the month).

Dear swetha here is my complete set up:

  1. Depreciation Profile: Manual, Interval = Monthly, Full depreciation = Yes

  2. Manual Scedules: 1 interval with 100%

  3. Value Model for that depreciation profile with a monthly fixed asset calendar.

  4. Fixed asset group connected to the value model has a service life = 1 (or depreciation periods = 1)

  5. after acquiring the asset change its depreciation run date (on its value model) to a month ago (or to the first of the month if you want to depreciate at month end)

  6. when you run the depreciation proposal for the asset ( the date in the proposal’s interval has to be exactly one month from the asset’s depreciation run date), the depreciation amount will be the same as its acquisition amount (full depreciation).

Thank you thompl i appreciate your trying to help :slight_smile:

Dear SIr/Madam

we have old fixed assets and fully depreciate,i need to setup these assets on dynamics AX without general ledger account affected from these assets,what is the best way to setup these assets.

Many thanks


You can only create an asset if you don’t want to hit ledgers. But that won’t be of much use as the status of asset will be ‘Not Yet Acquired’.

There is a way out, You can create the asset and make an entry Asset a/c Dr. to Accd. Depr Asset Cr. After that, you can manually change the status of asset to ‘Closed’.

That way the net book value will be 0 and you can will be able to setup asset in the master.

But you need to check with your accounts department before making any transaction.


Dear Pranav…

Many thanks,i have an idea to create fixed assets group for these assets (Old assets with full depreciated)

Can i connect this group to value model with maul depreciation??and how can i connect it to account(Acquisition price still in GL)??

Thanks for Help,

Hi Osaidsuliebi,

You can connect value models to the FA group. On the FA group, there is button for value models. When you create any FA , vale models defined in FA group automatically gets attached. However, the defualt value models can be changes for the FA.

In the value model, Depreciation profile is set up which takes care of depreciation.

The GL integration of FA is through the FA value models. You can setup ledgers for different tranmsaction in the FA posting profile.


Hi Pranav…

Thanks,OK but is it correct to create group for all old fixed assets and connect it with valus model (depritiation profile manual and fully depreciate)??

second Question: how can i connect this group with GL (regarding acqusition price for these assets in balance sheet)??can i create extra account or special account in GL(i think there are not reflect to GL )

Many thanks

Hi osaidsuliebi,

You need to check that with your accounts department. The transaction net impact will be 0, but still ask the accounts person whether to post this entry or not.

Second, FA value models connects FA to GL module. You can check the financial transaction of FA through value models only.


Ok man many thanks

another issue: if i bought an assets and need to setup it in FA but i need not reflect any transaction about these assets to GL,what is the correct way to do that??

Many thanks


Can you tell me exact scenario for this case. If you are buying an asset, than why you don’t want to reflect thw transactions in GL.

Anyway, If you want to just create an asset, no problem with that. But if you want to make acquistion or depreciation or any other FA entry, GL will impact. Ledger transaction will definately get created.

There are layers in transaction, like current is used for maintaining books, tax for income tax. I am not sure about the use of operational layer. You can try to find certain workaround for this using operational layer. This is just a suggestion…

Fin Department sometime bought little equipment with very low price and not need to reflect to GL(May be reflect to other external account),but need to setup these equipment in FA i think create group for these type of assets and don’t connect this group to Value model is good idea!


If this is the case, i will suggest you to make the FA entry as per the transaction. Creating seperate FA group is not the solution. FA are balance sheet component and hence you have to be very careful.

Ok i will check and many thanks

Please i need help about Document Managment in AX, Our users will be accessing AX from Rich Clients installed on their terminal. The requirement is, documents in archive directory in AX should be accessible to all the users irrespective of the machine they are accessing it from. I am worried that any one could open the shared directory and access files,delete and so on which do not belong to their Department, etc… how can controlled with this issue

Best Regards