Fixed asset disposal


Can you help me with the fixed asset disposal?

I wanted to know the voucher entry for the fixed asset disposal for a standard scenario.

Hello Satish,

It is difficult to answer your question as the setup of the ledger accounts that are used when disposing a fixed asset depends on the accounting regulations that you follow. There are many different possibilities how you can setup the ledger accounts. Maybe take a look at the Contoso CEE and CEU demo company accounts to get an impression.


Hello Satish,

You have to specify the ledger accounts to which fixed asset disposal (Disposal - sale / Disposal - scrap) transactions are posted. This is done in the Fixed asset posting profiles form where you specify the ledger accounts for all type of fixed asset transactions:

General ledger > Setup > Fixed assets > Posting profiles

The correct posting account for any fixed asset transaction is determined on the basis of the parameter combinations you set up as posting profiles.

You must set up at least one posting profile.


i want to dispose the fixed assets, as u tell we can create the posting profile. After that, from where we have to do the transaction of disposing the fixed asset.

And i have one query, how i can transfer my fixed asset from one cost center to another. And what is the functionality of splitting the fixed asset.



we can post the FA Disposal from GL> journals>fixed assets and by selecting the Transaction type as Disposal - sale or Disposal - scrap.

or we can use free text invoice(Sale to customer) by selecting the fixed asset info on the invoice lines tab.

  • Jagadeesh K

that means we have to treat it like the sales through fixed assets. Then what is the use of the posting profile.

and what is the functionality of the split fixed assets that is under fixed asset details/value model/functions