Fixed Asset Disposal on Back date

Hi Guys,

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0

I have few fixed Assets (Cranes) has to be disposed from the system as at 01-01-2011 as per the request of the Auditors. Since it has been given to the customer for financial lease. In my system, for those fixed assets depreciation is been calculated until May 31 2012.

Now I need to dispose (sell the FA to customer) the fixed asset on the 01-01-2011 and transfer the accumulated balance to the current a/c. I can do reversal entry for the depreciation until Jan 2011, But I cannot dispose the crane on 01-01-2011. only i can dispose on 31-05-2012.

Please advice me, is there any way to dispose the cranes on 31-01-2011???

Thanks in advance.