Fixed Asset Depreciation On AX 2012

Hello All,

Please I need help as regards how to run depreciation for a group of fixed asset. I know I can use a journal to post it, but I feel were I have thousands of assets, how do I run depreciation for them? I use AX 2012, thanks guys!

use the same journal, take the help of “Depreciation proposal” it calculates depreciation and create lines for you for all the Assets with one click.

Functions>Depreciation proposal> test it for one group to see the results

I have done that, it is not working. When I go to the depreciation proposal, on the journal lines and I select the fixed asset number and other criteria, nothing comes up. Which other set up am I also to do.

It has worked the to date was wrong, thanks bro!

Sorry I’m back again, pls I keep getting this error message when I post “Posting without amount cannot be made”. Whats the cause?

One of the line on journal doesn’t have amount in debot/credit. Check that.


Thanks Santosh for the solution.