Fixed Asset Depreciation Catchup

If there is an Asset in Navision that had depreciation already posted for a couple of months and then the user realizes that changes need to be made to the No. of Depreciation Years. I noticed that when you run the Calculate Depreciation function it only changes the Depreciation that needs to be calculated for the month or on a go forward basis, is there a way in Navision that you actually can make it calculate the difference for the past months that depreciation has already been posted for? Essentially without having to do the reverse entry or cancel the depreciation entries will the system automatically calculate the correction. The user does not want to post to the previous months as those months have already been closed.

I believe it calculates based on NBV to end of life. To correct calculate what the depreciation to date should be and post this manually. Subsequently this should then be correct. Whether this is the correct method or not depends on your accounting standards, policy and the reason for the change.