Fixed Asset Concerns


The client here use the legacy system before which doesn’t contain the Fixed Assets module. so they have to create a main account for each fixed asset.

For now we are using the AX 2012, i would like to use one main account for a group of fixed asset(otherwise the main account may run out), under this circumstance, is it still possible for me to generate a report which contains the detailed information for each fixed asset ? or any other negative impact on this ?

Fixed asset in AX is subledgers tied to GL module via FA posting profile.

It’s highly recommended to use FA group and create FA under that group. For example, you can create a group for computer and create individual fixed assets under domputer. You can maintain single ledger account for a group for each posting like acquisition, depreciation etc.

In posting profile, you can define ledger account per group.

FA module has good reporting structure. You can run report for all assets or asset groups.


Hi Pranav ,

Suppose i post the Fixed Assets journal from the “General Journal” module, is it still possible for me to generate the same report as i post the Fixed Assets journal from “Fixed Assets” module ?

many thanks.

Yes. You have to select account type as fixed asset and transaction type in fixed asset tab. The FA reports will be available as that will be based on FA transactions.

But i will recommend not to use General journal for any transaction other than ledgers.