Fixed asset balance report shows different values when report is run each time.

left side is when report is run for first time and right side represents second time.
can anyone help me to resolve this error.

Thanks in Advance.

Have you tried to debug?

Yeah debugged but there is no change in the code and I think its totally perfect!
But when i clear the usage data values are uniform.
Whether usage data affects the process?

Do you still reproduce it after clearing the usage data? If so i would still debug it.
Check if the user selections are same every time you open the report.

Actually clearing my usage data and cache doesn’t worked out.Even though before running the report i cleared all the usage data and cache the report values got mismatched between first and second run.Can anyone figure me out could be the solution for this.
I exported the entire report to excel and calculated the total values it just matches with the second run.So where does the value for the first run comes.
This first run value comes only for one time and after that second run value comes uniformly.

It could be difficult to say what is wrong with the report without actually debugging it.
To make the debugging process simple, identify an asset having differences in first and second run and apply a range on it, so you may not have to spend much time on debugging.