Fixed Asset AX-2012 R2

Unable to delete fixed asset record

A financial dimension value is based on the BUILD_1001 record and has been used on a transaction. You cannot delete the BUILD_1001 record

Yes that is correct I believe even though you did not really ask a question [:D] . You cannot delete dimensions once you have started transacting and if you have derived the dimension from the asset you cannot delete the asset as there are now related transactions.

Thanks a lot for your answer dear.

But the thing is I am still unable to achieve my objective :frowning:

How to delete this asset from master data !

Looking forward for your kind reply :slight_smile:


You cannot as standard.

Hi Ali,

As Adam suggested, once the transactions are posted against FA or any other master data, you won’t be able to delete it. If required you can post the correction entries and set the value models as closed. This way GL balances will be correct and FA will be closed.

However, in your case, is it the case that you haven’t posted any financial transaction and still getting this error message?


How to set the value model as closed in Axapta ?

On the FA master, select a FA and click on Value models. On the value models, there is a status field. All you need to do is select Closed as status.


Thanks Pranav,

If i set the status as closed in the value model , that means FA is closed .

Am i right ?

Generally in which scenarios we will set the Value model as closed ?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Pranav No transaction has been posted yet.

It’s just the master data entry

The status of asset is not yet acquired.

Still unable to delete :frowning:


Ali Danish

unable to change the status, the asset is not acquired yet.

Changing the status doesn’t mean it is financially closed, if you change the status, the balance will still be there for FA.

The status of FA is changes to closed when the FA is sold to customer, it is disposed or it is fully depreciated.


Hi Ali,

The error is encountered when you create an FA,used in journal line and deleted the journal line. Now system creates a relation between financial dimensions and dimensionattribute table (Not sure about exact table name) gets updated with rec id relation. Same things happens with ledger account also.

You need to get technical help to delete those relation first and then FA can be deleted.


Thanks Pranav,

Apart from this is there any functionality available to to block the FA in AX 2012 ?

Well you can change the status of value model to Suspended. That’s the right approach.