Fixed Asset Association with Project and invoicing project in Ax 2012


I am stuck in Project invoicing which has Fixed Asset associated.

There is requirement to associate fixed asset to project and invoice that project,

i checked we can associate fixed asset to internal project but can not invoice it.

I will be appreciated if someone help me out to map above scenario.



Hi Nitin.

Which project type you are working with?

Internal projects cannot be invoiced as there is no customer associated to it although you can estimate and eliminate it.

How is the FA associated to project?


Hi Pranav,

I agree internal project can not invoice. again T&M / FP project not allowed to associate Asset.

So, My requirement is like how to invoice project with fixed asset association.


Hi Nitin,

What invoice you want to do for the FA and what accounting enteries you are looking for.

You can create a new expense category and link it with FA account to do the posting.


Sounds like the the Process and Data Setup is not correct. Here’s the “flow” that we use (Projects / Fixed Assets become Subledgers), which is a 3-tier strucuture. AP > PJ > FA:

  1. DAX Project is Created (AFE / Approval) - Investment Project
  2. Project PO’s are Created from Project Module (makes this a Project PO) - Invoices Posted directly to Project.
  3. Non-PO Invoices can also be Posted using an Offset Account = Project
  4. Fixed Asset is Created (Group determines GL Integration) (Can be done anytime before closing Project)
  5. Once all Invoices “captured/entered”, then the Project Elimination Process is done (Functions > Estimate)

This is basically a Reclassification from Project (CIP) to FA (Acquisition)

  1. Once Costs are “closed/eliminated” from Project, Project becomes closed and Depreciation (or Sale, etc) Transaction of Asset can begin.