Fix asset transfer without affecting financial statement

Hi All,
I have question about Fix asset transfer. Is it possible, to company doing FA Transfer without effecting financial statement?
(according to my user, they only transfer Asset from original location to new location. E.g Original = India / new location = Malaysia. Credit and Debit account will follow previous account)

If able to do so, may I know how I can set this?


Asset movement feature is not available in AX. There is a simple functionality available to track location of Fixed Assets and that does not support the Inter Company transfer.

Per your example Asset is getting transferred from one country to another and in that case I believe it is a Inter company transfer hence ownership of Asset would be transferred.

Thanks Sachin Ahuja,

Even i proposed to transfer the ownership of Asset, my client are not please and want to use previous flow they had. maybe i change the situation.

let say A is main company, B is sub company for A. Original Asset was acquired from A, later they transfer the asset to B. but they still depreciate the asset under A company.

is there any way to do this? meaning to say the ownership of asset still under previous company