Fix assembly after consumed?

Hi All,

We have pretty complex inventory requirements where a typical item we sell is constructed of many nested assembly items (some times up to 5 levels deep). This works pretty good as a whole.

The issue I ran into today is that I discovered that an item we shipped had an error in the assembly (in an assembly nested down 3 layers). I would like to fix this but am not 100% sure the best way to do so. It’s easy enough to do a manual inventory journal to add the mistakenly consumed items back into inventory and another to consume the ones that should have been in there. But going this route means the assembly has no idea about these changes. If in 2 years I go back to see what we sold them then unless I go looking for inventory adjustments I can see things getting confused. And our COGS would also be incorrect since the cost of the assembly would end up being incorrect (swapped out parts have different costs).

So, any ideas what the correct way to handle this situation is?