Fiscal year closing - Retained earnings figure get doubled


We are on AX 2012 R3. We had started the System in 2014. We had done the FY 2014 Closing in June this year.Opening balance was carried forward correctly to 15. Later we had posted a few transactions in 2104 and hence we had to do the closing once again. As far as i know we can do the closing N number of times.

I did the closing for 2014 once again. But the opening balance of Retained earnings account for 15 got almost doubled.

GL Fiscal year close parameters are

Delete close-of-year transactions during Transfer- TICKED

Create closing transaction during transfer - TICKED

VOUCHER number must be filled in - TICKED

All others are switched off



Hi Thomphl,

May I know how you are checking the opening balance of Retained earning accounts.

Could you please tel me the steps.

Hi Thomphl,

My experience has been that its best to roll back the FY Roll and and then run the roll again. Have you considered that?