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I have created sales list report ,with data items intend to sales header,sales line tables.When i run the form in the preview i should get the 1st record to be displayed i.e (Field no and Filter 101039 as in preview mode).Got the Filed no but need to get the first record .Please suggest me the C/AL code for the first no 101039 to be displayed with syntax and which part code to be written.

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Hi Ramanathan,

I’m not sure what you’re asking…

But if i get i right, you have the header (No.) in place, but no records are displayed…

  • Have you designed the sections correctly?
    You shouldn’t have to write any code to have that.

You also mention something about filter…

  • Often the filters set by the user, are also printed in the report:
    If you want this, then i will suggest you to check one of the standard reports of NAV (e.g. Report-ID 1).