First Business Central project - problem with accidently posted sales invoice


We are new as a Business Central partner but already sold some projects.

We are setting up our first project but we have made a mistake by posting a first sales invoice.

I found out that i could delete it bu changing the right settings but now i have 2 G/L registers that are still there.

What are my posibilities? nothing else has been posted.

We imported all customers, Vendors, articles, prices, contacts,we also added the purchaseorders and salesorder of the last 3 months.

Can i copy the environment without copying the accounting information/ GL entries?

Please help me !


You can just post clearing entries to clear those out (reversing entries). But if you really want to start over, you can export/import from the company to a new company using configuration packages.

You CANNOT copy the company without copying the transactions (at least as of now).

I hope that helps!


Shawn Dorward

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