finsql.exe error in Terminal Services Event Manager

On my terminal server that I have a remote office connect to run NAV, I keep getting this error message showing up. I know the finsql.exe is the exe for the sql implementation of NAV, but is there any other insight that someone has on the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are having problems with our terminal services employes running NAV.

Error Message

Event ID: 1002

Category: (101)

Source: Application Hang

Hanging application finsql.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000

In Windows 2000 Terminal Server with Navision 4.0 (without any SP) some times I got the same. When upgrade the client dp 4.0 SP2 (not the objects) most of that errors where solved.

In terminal services some times there is problems with memory. If I’m not in mistake terminal services gives only 20 MB memory to applications per session. You can try o increase memory to sessions.

Check this KB article.

Which version are you running. Is this 4.00 SP1. If so I really think you need to get to a later version. This version was not very stable on SQL. I would apply service pack 3.

yesl, I also forgot to mention that. [:P]

Again guys, thats so much for your help. You two have been outstanding resources. Of course, I am running 4.00 SP1 on SQL. Like I said before, my VAR wasn’t the greatest and that is why we let them go. This should help me out greatly, thanks again for your responses.

You are very welcome, I hope we can be of more help going forward. Just ask away.