finsql.exe causing an error during dataport


I’m having a problem with finsql.exe which is crashing when I want to import some data (about 10000 records in a .csv text file).

I notice that splitting the file in very small pieces (about 100 records) the process sometimes doesn’t crash. Even with 10 rows, I may get sometimes the crash.

The problem occurs in two different client computers I tried.

Using NAV 3.70B.

In the application event viewer, I get the following:

Tipo de evento: Erro

Origem do evento: Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

Categoria do evento: Nenhum

ID do evento: 1000

Data: 26-04-2007

Hora: 10:21:57

Utilizador: N/D

Computador: mycomputer


A descrição do ID de Evento ( 1000 ) na Origem ( Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision ) não foi encontrado. O computador local pode não ter a informação de registo necessária ou os ficheiros DLL de mensagem para apresentar mensagens de um computador remoto. Pode utilizar o sinalizador /AUXSOURCE= para obter esta descrição; consulte a ajuda e suporte para obter mais detalhes. A informação seguinte é parte do evento: finsql.exe;; 415ca6af; finsql.exe;; 415ca6af; 0; 00042f50.

Any clues? Thank you!

Just a clue.

I have had a similar problem. The client crashed (on a native database) during import as well. But it was with a 3.6 client. The solution was to use an other client.exe with al larger build no. So try an other finsql.exe with a build larger than

As there is nothing written in your profile, I cannot see whether you are an enduser or not. In case you have no access to partnersource you should ask your dealer for an other/upper version of the finsql.exe. You just have to change the client on that workstation you want to use; not on all workstations.

Thanks, I’m gonna try that! Joao

Walter, you are right. I tried version 4.0 SP1, had to convert my tests DB. Then executed the dataport and it ran OK.

The problem is: the Client is currently licensed to 3.70B and doesn’t want to upgrade to version 4 of Navision.

Which takes me back to the import problem, because the client’s db must remain in the 3.70B version.

Am I missing something else? :frowning:

Hm, I don’t think you are missing something.

I have the same client-build as you ( and an older finsql.exe (build Within “3.70” you can use any client without “upgrade” the database (sometimes it is not even an upgrade, it is just an entry in the database which version was lately used). However, an other client-build within 3.7 might fix your problem.

To find out the version no. do a right-click on the “finsql.exe”. choose properties and check the version tab.

Good luck.

There were several hotfixes for client 3.70.
If I’m not in mistake there isn’t a direct link to download that hotfixes. I must be done trough a request to Microsoft.