finsql 3.10 Client crashes during a process

Hi all Has anyone ever experienced when running Navision Attain on SQL database that during a certain task or process the client performs a fatal error and following that a message that the network connection to the server has failed? The situation is that a user wants to open a form (in this case the sales credit invoice) and a message appears claiming that a fatal error has occured. The expression of the error is: m_SizeRec > 0 && m_SizeRec <= MAXDATAROW The next thing that happens is that the client gets the standard TCP/IP error saying the connection to the server was lost. Hope anyone can assist me on this one.

This is a SQL Server assert - which of course should never happen. Try running DBCC to test your database for errors; DBCC is a SQL statement you can run from Query Analyzer. You perhaps could first do a Navision database test on this table.