Finite property


During the job scheduling of a production order, there is a check box “Finite property”. What is the purpose of this field?


Property is a particular caracteristic of a product, the most common example is the COLOUR in a paints manufacturing, where you want to schedule red paints production one week, blue paints the next week, etc. In a glass bottles manufacturing the property could be the size of the bottle or the type of glass.

So PROPERTY allows you to do the scheduling based on that attribute, that you can relate in the Calendars (this day-this property) and save setup, tools change, etc.

When doing the scheduling, if you do not select Finite Property, and you had assigned particular days for particular propertys, then AX will not pay attention to that relation and will schedule (in the case of the paints) any colour no matter the property-calendar relation. If you select Finite Property, AX will schedule red paints the “red” property days, etc.