Finite capacity scheduling for MBS NV 3.70

Hi, We have developed two new editions of the FCS for MBS-NV 3.70 under technology .Net. Try a free trial version at our site, ready to use on a cronus data base and with cronus license. These are their main features: Graphical representation of the capacity Drag&drop: 2 types Drag&drop in a grid type form Calculation options of the launched operations. More information in the graphic window Starting moment of the planning New graphs Gantt printing in graphic format MDI Infinite capacity mode Modifying the capacity Modifying times Undo and change analysis “Save as…” Planning comparation Operation Split Alternative machines Simple restriction by worker, mold, etc. “Train” type programming Forced movement of an operation Fixing operations Changing the adjustment for an order Flexibility in simulations New graphs of delays Best regards,