finhlink and navision://client/run? options

hi all, I can’t find any official documentation about this method and parameters, I could only find sample around but nothing regarding all the possible switches. I’m particularly looking for the option to select an authentication method from the link (from command line option would be ntauthentication=yes/no), I’m working around a sort of session manager that build active intranet pages from domain username and give different possibilities based on that username, I only miss this option and the project will be done, could anyone help me ? thanks in advance Matteo

From the Help menu in Navision, open the C/SIDE Reference Guide. In the Index tab look for Composing URLs. It looks as if there is no argument for authentication method…

thank you very much for your help Nelson, I’ve been looking everywhere bu there, Now I’ll have the challenge to make it working without specifying authentication parameter bye Matteo