Finding Version of Nav from license file?

Hi All,

I have a old navision license file and correponding config.txt file. Now I want to know for which version of navision this license is valid. I have tried with 3.70, for which it is not valid, for 2.60 it is valid.

Now how to know for which version (highest), this license is valid?

The config file has following line:

2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1

and after that it has 3010 Granule, nothing in-between.

I am not sure if it right forum or not for this question, sorry if it is posted inwrong forum.

Validity comes in two parts. The license it self will be valid for a major release, so 2.xx or 3.xx or 4.xx etc. So since you can not run 3.70 its a 2.xx license. In addition, new features may have been added such as new tables. In your case 2.60 was the last of the 2.xx versions (2.65 etc were mainly SQL fixes), so your licence would be a 2.60.

Another hint is to look at the date.

Hi David,

Followings are the date:

Approv. Date: 02-07-01
Maint. Date.: 14-07-01

Navision 3.0 was released in 2001, so I was just wondering if this license could be valid for 3.0, but as you said it goes by 2.xx/3.xx way, then it might not be valid for 3.0.

Can you please suggest me from where can I get the executables of 2.60C or later (which can work on SQL Server 2000)?


Dhan Raj


Every major version has its “granule” in license file:

2,110 Navision Version 3.xx
2,120 Navision Version 4.0
2,130 Navision Version 5.0
and so on…

Hi Modris,

Yes, I was also expecting similar granules like 2110,2120 etc.

But following is a part of license file:

1,700 C/ODBC 1
2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1
3,010 General Ledger - Basic General Ledger 1
3,020 General Ledger - Allocations 1
3,030 General Ledger - Budgets 1

so that is missing. But the problem is solved and I believe license is for all 2.xx versions.


There is also 2,105 Allow new versions, and different approach for versions in Partner licenses,
but 2.xx is soooo old, that nobody remembers how it was done then [:D]

Anyway - if it is solved, then who cares how…

This not totally correct. I thin this system came in place with version 3.10. Up till about version 3.0 or 3.01 licences did not expire and you could use any licence with any version. This meant you could allways use the latest executables on your old objects even if you were not on support.

But as you say … that was a long time ago and most people don’t need to know this. But of course we see cases like this post were someone does need to know.

[:’(] I guess time to forget ver. 1.xx and the DOS version then.