Finding all places where a field is used

Hi There Another day - another question in MBSOnline… I wan’t to expand a field from Code 20 to Code 30. How do I find all the places where this field is used: Tables, Reports etc? I’ve tried to make a .txt-file with all my objects, and then search through this file, but this isn’nt very efficient…Are there any standard tools to use for this purpose?[?]

Navision Attain Developers Toolkit The last version I have is 1.02

However, maybe resizing a field is not always the best way to get to the solution, especially if the field is the primary key of a table. You have the consider the time & cost when upgrading from one version to another, debuging if you forgot some changes, etc. I had the same question before and I chose to create a new field instead of resizing the original. You can look at the discussion: Regards,

Sorry, Jens, it does not solve your problem, but it is in a case like this we would like to have “Extended Datatypes” as in Axapta[:p]. But, as David says, Developers Toolkit is a solution. I have version 1.03.

OK Jens, as mentioned here, Modifying the length of a standard field … BIG MISTAKE. In the case that you want to find all the occurrences of a particular field, just delete the field, then compile all objects, and you will see all the objects listed where the field is users. It crude, but fast. Of course remember you can only do this one field at a time really.

You can rename the field to a special name (let’s say ‘@@xyz@@’), export all objects to text and then do a search. It do not cover TransferFields, Copy, … Hope it helps.