Find out total fields and their edts in a table

Is there any Job/any way to find out the total fields and edts of a particular table ??

custtable custtable;

DictField dictField;

DictTable dictTable;

int field;

int fieldId;

int records;

str header, line;


dictTable = new DictTable(tablenum(custtable));

for (field=1; field <= dictTable.fieldCnt(); field++)


fieldId = dictTable.fieldCnt2Id(field);

dictField = new DictField(tablenum(custtable), fieldId);

header = strfmt("%1, ", dictField.label());



From this job you will get the lables of all fields in a table.Try to get the edt’s values with this help.



Hey Surendra,

Thank you for your reply.