Find on temporary tables

Hello All, I have built a form based on a temporary table, and I am having difficulty getting the find/search (i.e. the binoculars button or the “find as you type functionality”) to work? Everything else about the form works fine. The Table Box populates with all the proper data and the first, next, previous and last record buttons work perfectly. The tempRec data is initialized in the OnInit() trigger. tempRec is a data type Record with the Temporary property set to yes. I used the usual code for the OnFindRecord() and OnNextRecord() triggers. When I type in a column to perform a search/find the Find dialog comes up but no movement occurs in the form. Any ideas? -Doug

I’m not sure but I don’t think you can use the Find functionality in a temporary table. Check Form 344 Navigate and you will see it doesn’t work there as well.

I have a form based on a temporary table, too. But the searching works good. But my temptable is created outside the form an i call, temptable). also i do not use the onFind and OnNext-Triggers. Have you tested it without using code in these triggers? Hope this helps, Frank