Find applied invoice of item charge invoice


is there an easy way (I mean not through Navigate–>Value Entries–>Posted Shipment No.–>Posted Shipment–>Order No.–>Posted Invoice) to find what other invoice an item charge line on an invoice relates to?

Thanks for any help (NAV 4 or 5)

Take a look at the Item Charge Ledger Entries directly:
-“Financials Management” → Inventory → Setup → “Item Charges”
-Focus on an Item Charge
-Press Ctrl+F5 (Value Entries appear, filtering “Item Charge No.” = “Item Charge”.Code and “Entry Type” = “Direct Cost”)

The entries show you (amongs other info)
-Item No.
-“Item Ledger Entry No.” which (entry by entry) leads you to the original shipping and invoice