Find and Filter

Hi, I have Ax 3, SP2. It is clear to me what the Filter (Ctrl+F3) button does and how it works. What I don’t understand is the Find (Ctrl+F) button. When I use the find button, the find window comes, but when I press OK, the result is confusing: - the form contains only these entries that meet the find rules - the “remove filter” button becomes active - the “find next” button is not active Did I just apply a filter or what??? I tested this in standard forms (i.e. InventTable), in custom forms, in the Table-Browser, and the result is always the same - Find = Filter !!! The next logical question: When is the “Find next” button active? … or is it a feature reserved for Axapta 4 ? Do You have the same “feature” in your Axapta? Thanks. P.S. - I saw few topics here, where people cannot overwrite the Filter method. Could the two problems hang together?

:slight_smile: Yes, in forms both commands are basicly the same thing, only that you can specify one filter using the Find method. And to see the difference in the work of find you should open a class( an object with text). there the Find Next button is active and Find does what it is supposed to do by your oppinion. :slight_smile:

and in the Application Object Tree the Find button opens a completely different window - the search for object in the AOT. So it’s a very good button, actually. :slight_smile:

The difference between Find and Filter is that Filter filters previous set of records, while Find just shows filtered set of records. So, when you use Find for first time you get same effect as with Filter, but when you use Find again, you are searching as you didn’t use Find in first place. For example, you want to see all Sales Orders for Customer XY, that have DeliveryDate of 13.04.2005. How can you do that with Find? First you have to use Filter to reduce recordset to just Sales Orders for customer XY, and then you can use Find or Filter to get the ones with proper date. This could not be done without using Filter in first step.

I found that the “Find next” button is enabled in the X++ Editor. However, I still don’t understand why it is visible for the end-users when it is always disabled for them.