Find an archived quote

Hi, Navision (3.6+) provides the functionality to archive versions of a quote. We can do it through the Function button, or by clicking an option when printing. It is possible to access the archived versions by drilling down on the field No. Of Archived Versions. My question: How can we access archived versions after the quote is converted to an order (without customization)?

Hi David Not done anything with this, but the sales archive list is simply filtered from the document you access it from, so if you archive a quote, and then make it an order, go into any quote, drill down on teh number of archived versions, remove the table filter on your document number and it will list “every” archived document! Not slick, but you can get to your document (eventually).

It works, but maybe a bit tricky for the user… I’m actually considering adding a menu for form 5162 - “Sales Quote Archive”, but I’m suprised there is not a standard Navision functionality to access those documents… You can delete in periodic activities, but you cannot see them!

Hi David


I’m suprised there is not a standard Navision functionality to access those documents.

So was I, I kept looking as I thought I must have been missing it, but in the end I gave up [:D]

I remember asking myself the same question when first exploring the Archiving functionality: “Why is there no button or menu where the user can list all archived documents?” Strange one…

Same surprise here, I simply added some menuitems to the periodic activities that allow users to access the archived sales and purchase documents. It’s not really a “periodic activity” but IMHO the easiest place to add this link to the form… Saludos Nils

Nils, it does sound like the most logical place. If someone wants to archive a document it’s because they would like to go back to it some day or maybe “periodically”. [:)]

Nelson, thanks for your argument, somehow it does make sense, doesn’s it [;)] Saludos Nils

Sure does [;)]