Financials Certification, 4.0 or 5.0?


I have to start my preparation for the Financials module.

I am with an dillemma for I have the manuals for the 4.0/Microsoft Business Solutions with the exam code MB7-225.

I have compared the programmes of study of the 5.0 Nav with the exam code MB7-515 and a lot of it overlaps.

I fear that Micrisoft will change the minimum requirements for the MCP any time soon and I will have to recertify sooner than later and spend alot of more money.

Is there a lot of difference???


I would suggest that you do the certification in NAV 2009. I know that for this you may have to invest on manuals, but NAV 2009 certification will definitely be valid for longer duration.

Definitely there will be lot of overlap, as the product has not changed 100% from version 4.0. 80-90% study material will remain same.

If u r asking "if there is some difference " then i would suggest wait don’t give exam now.

As for ur update 4.0 had Jobs and Fixed Assets included in and 5.0 exam doesn’t have it has additional stuff like Business Analytics , one or two ques on RIM which were never part of 4.0 exam . So i think this is big diff in itself.

Individual certifications as such never expire - doesn’t matter what version.

What do expire, that is requirements for getting MS Dynamics Competence for Partner company - AFAIK current requirement is to have MCPs / MCMs with ver 4 or newer individual certifications.
However, I haven’t heard about cases, when Partner lost its “Dynamics Competence” only because MS raised requirements, but Partner’s employees have only “older” certifications. You can’t apply for getting the “Competence”, but, if Partner has already got it, no problems arise.

Many thanks to all of you.

I am in process of deciding and will probably do the 5.0 Exam.

I have been to the Microsoft certifications site and the Nav code isnt there:

Anyway since Nav is two versions away I am a bit fearful…

All the best

Many Thanks to all of you

I have researched the Microsoft site:

I wasn´t able to find the code for the Nav 2009 Finance. Anyway it isn´t that important for I fear that 2009 it will be very different, and I am still a very basic user.

I will most probably try the 5.0.

All the best