Hello from Spain. I usually use Commond Dialog Controls with comdlg32.ocx placed in c:\winnt\system32 to use the file dialog that allow us to show the windows standard dialog which makes open a file. In Windows 95 and 98 this dialog works ok but in Win2000 when I try to open this dialog, Navision shows me a Navision dialog error for c/al programmers. Does anyone know this error? I suppose I need to register another ocx file but i don’t know what.

I am using “Microsoft Common Dialog Control, version 6.0” (Product version 5.00.3103.1000) without any problems on W2K. However, I faced this problems vice versa on a W95 machine. After installing and registering an other comdlg32 everthing worked fine. Regards Walter

thank you very much. Serrano.