Financials 2.6 on windows server 2003

Hi all I am having some problems with a old 2.6 version of Navision Financials on a Windows 2003 server. I have just moved the program from an old server to this new 2003. The server program takes up much memory on the server. Does anyone know why ?? The server program takes up over 700MB of memory. Isn’t that to much ? Thanks. Lars

When you install the DB-server, Navision takes all the memory that is free (maximum is 1GB, but it is better to limit it at 700MB) to use as DB-cache. My experience is to use a DB-cache that is ± 10% of the DB-space in use (with a max of 700MB). If it is too much or not depends on what other things you want to do on the server and how much physical memory you have. It is best to use a server only as a DB-server and not for other things to get the best performance and stability. When giving memory to Navision, you best keep 200-300MB (of the physical memory) free for other things like Windows itself and the occasional logon of the administrator to do some things.

If you do not experience any problems due to that behaviour, you should not change it. In fact There should be running a process called slave.exe which protects the system from Navision eating up too much memory. (As far as I remember, it is quite some time ago when I dealed with an old 2.60 Server [;)]

Lars, please have a look at your previous post, perhaps as Erik moved it you didn’t see the respective answers. It comes down, as kriki mentions, that the installation process reserves as much memory available at the moment of installation. If you don’t have any performance issues with other apps that you installed later on, then you can leave it as it is. If yes, adjust the cache size - either deinstall or reinstall or manually in the service or registry ( Here you can find some input on how to calculate the required cache size (, though nowadays with much lower hardware costs, I would rather set 2-5Mb per workstation, just to be on the safe side. Saludos Nils