financial year

is there anyway to reopen a closed financial year

No it not possible.

Let me know why u want to open that closed year?

Do u want o post ay transaction in closed year.

Just create that documents/ Journals and post .

System post that transactions in closed year.

Why do you want to re-open a closed FInancial Year?

closed the financial year accidentally during a mock implementation

Years cannot be reopened, however the only effect of a closed year is the periods within that year cannot subsequently be changed. You can still post etc as normal



You are able to reopen the Accounting Period, if you create a report and run the report where you select the field “Closed” to be false.

But you need to have some knowledge to code the report.

If you continue to have a closed period then Prior-Year Entry will always be true in G/L entries.

I don’t agree with ui2607, One should not Re-Open the closed year this way.

Hello Dhan Raj Bansal

As I know the only functionality Accounting period has is, that it checkmark in G/L entries / and you are able to “Close income statement” for the closed year . But maybe you are right, it should not be reopened, before it has been tested by a developer.