Financial Values

Can someone explain to me the importance of recording the financial values as well as the physical values within AX 2012??

I realize that for certain things, such as purchases, a price variance can occur between invoices and purchase orders. However, Ignoring price variances, what other purpose are the financial values?

It seems that the financial values are the same as the physical values.

Any explanation is appreciated. Thanks!

The same is true through production and sales.

You can purchase at X and as you say receive teh invoice at Y. This not only impacts on the purchase transaction, but can also be pushed through to write off values, revaluation, production consumption, finished goods cost and ultimately cost of sale. Whilst in many instances in a static costing environment they will be the same at invoice, in many industries the fluctuations themselves can make the difference between a profit or loss. The split just helps AX recognise a probable cost and account for it until the financial one is known.

Thanks for the response! it definitely provided clarification to my own thoughts around the matter.