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I have designed the P&L report using AX Financial Statment, Now the issue is I tried to design Balance Sheet & I want to pick the Net P&L Value from P&L, I choose structure & select NET Profit node from P&L Statment but system give error,

So any one knows for this.

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What is the error message?


1581.Financial Statement Steps.docx (99.5 KB)

HI Pranav Kumar


When I print the report below error came

“System error in calculation expression on the row structure:IS dimension name:Net profit”

If there is any problem in the calculation expression this error also come in the IS but its working fine. Another thing, if I select the another node from IS the value came.

Please find the attached for Financial Statment Steps

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For testing purpose, remove that calculation and try running the report again. Make the copy if structure before deleting.


But i need a calculated Value…

That’s fine. Just try once. I was configuring in AX 4.0 and there i faced some issue using structures. So i created duplicate of the row definition with calculation removed and called the updated row structure in the PL structure.


Hi MS,

If you get this error message, don’t make your life difficult.

I suppose that you need to have total assets and total liabilities & shareholders equity balanced, right?

Rather than using the structure, create a separate position under shareholders equity where you include the current net profit/income by selecting all profit and loss accounts.

See the attached file for a simplified example.

Hope it helps.


Thank you Ludwing…

Hello Ludwig and Pranav, I need a P&L statement with two dimensions - BU and Department. My primary dimension set contains these two. Seconday dimension set is main-account set. (do I need seconday?).

Here is my set up - Primary dimension set is “BU+Dept”; Seconday - Main-account Set; In the set up - I use the row definition for secondary dimension set.

I have 4 columns - Business Unit, Department, Account name and Current Year

Account name - secondary dimension set name;

current year - current

what do I put for Business Unit and Department? Its bit confusing to generate per dimension.

appreciate your help

Thanks Ludwig.