Financial Statement in Indian format

hi all

Please guide me how to design the structure for financial statements - P&L A/c, Balance sheet in Horiszontal structure. But i am getting only vertical structure in AX.

define the financial statement with number of columns required - GL-> setup-> financial statement → inancial statement

Eg: for BS create focus on ledger account

create FS with columns

column 1 ; Name = description ; type = main focus code

column 2 ;Name = Current period ; type = current

now define the row definition…

I am expecting a financial statement in horizontal structure, how to get horizontal struture?/

can you put an example?

for eg: in Balance sheet statement left hand side Assets and Right hand side Liabilities with amounts and in P&L A/c statement left hand side Expenses and right hand side Income with amount


I dont think that will be possible because column read the data based on row defenition.

It need customization.


Rajesh Kumar Sharma

OK thanks for ur reply.

I think in AX any report we cant take horizontal structure.