Financial Statement configuration

Hi ,

I am trying to configure the Financial statment , when i take print preview system shows the 3 columns

Ledger name Current year balance Previous year balance

1111 2000 2000

In 3 fields it is showing ledger name and balances , but In the Previouse year balance is showing wrong .

My Configuration :

In the lower grid of Financial Statment form , in the Overview tab,

Column Name Column type

1 Ledger Name Main Focus code

2 Current Year balance Current

3 Previous year balance Current

what is the problem and where i need change the parameter to get last year balance correctly. ?

Look at the date interval code in the setup tab

Hi Ameen,

Have you checked the dates when you generate the report?

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Hi Ameen,

For column Previous year balance , check Transactions tab and be sure the check box include closing un flagged


Mohamed Salah