Financial Management System conversion

We are currently about 6 months into a conversion from our old AS/400 based financial system and some users are not satisfied. So we are looking for anyone who has gone through a similar conversion to get an idea of how long it will take to complete the transition. I have to run now and will check back later for any takers.


We are going to need some more information. How extensive is the software, what training roll out have you had; scoping? initial training? Data Conversion? End User training? Piloting? Cut over planning?

What data are you converting?

Remember that this process is a project that “you” drive, your supplier is exactly that, a supplier you use as a resource. If they are letting you down let them know, and why.

In short how long to implement Navision from a legacy system has in my experience stemmed between 5 weeks and 2 years 6 months.