Financial management questions

Dear All,

I am currently studying financial but I have no experience to have implementation of navision financial. My questions are as follows:

  1. What is the use of post dated checks-sales

  2. What is the use of post dated checks-purchase

  3. What is the use of sales invoice tax management

  4. How to conduct close year of accounting period, I mean how to move retain earning to current earning when we close year of the accounting period…?

I await your answer so much. If you could give me some examples it would be better. tku



Mark these are not supply chain related questions. So first thing is that they need to go into the correct forums. Please read this thread :

Which Forum To Post to

Second, though related, they are not one quesiton, but 4 seperate questions (maybe 3), and should be in different threads.

Thirdly, the questions are very gereral. I know that you are learning, but it hard for members here to give you basic training as you are requesting. You need to get your self started, and then ask specific questions. Your question 4 is a specific question, and definitely that one could be posted to the beginners forum.

Where did you get these questions from. If they are test questions, then let me know since I will then delete the thread. If they are questions that your accountant asked, then be more specific as to what you need to know, with examples if possible.

  1. so your customer can delay paying you for as long as possible, but banks rarely look at dates so checks can usually be deposited anyways

  2. so you can delay paying your vendors for as long as possible, but banks rarely look at dates so the check can usually be deposited anyways.

1 and 2 are not really functions of Navision, but a function of a companies business process, unrelated to Navision

Dear themave,

Tks for your answer my friend, I have seen and did trial and error, but the surprising one is when I delete the data in the post date checke sales or purchase, I can recover the data or call back the data, they have missed.[:(]

I also can’t find in online help - F1, pdf manuals and in CU, what is the definition and function of sales tax invoice management, it’s crazy isn’t it? it’s W14.0 SP2.

For close year of accounting period, I’ve seen that Navision can work once, but must use income statement closing batch job.

How to registered the checks to the bank from vendor or customer…? Do I have directly create there…?



Mark, can you please try again, create ONE topic for each quesiton. Its very hard to knwo where one quesiton ends now and the next starts. Also the thread will become a mess with so many different issues. And please NOT in the Supply Chain Forum. [:)]