Financial Management ->General Ledger ->Analysis & Reporting ->Analysis by Dimensions

Hi There,

Currently using Navision (4.0 SP3) and after following the above menu path there is function button below and when choose send to excel, navision throws a CAL/Programmers Error. Has anyone came across it and if yes what was the solution to it. I am using MS Office 2000 Standard with SP3.



And what is the text of the error?

Hi Kriki,

The complete message is as follows

This message is for CAL/Programmers:

Could not invoke the member save as. The OLE Control or Automation Server returned the following message

The request member does not exist, or the call tried to set the value of a read-only property



First, try a reset of the PC. Sometimes Office and Navision go in tilt with those things. If this doesn’t help, I think it the version of Office that is to old.

Have you done any development around this area?

Nav is pretty stable around there, the call indicates that code was developed for one version of an automation, but when you call the code another version is being used.

Check the automation controller, and see what version it is. I think Kriki is right in that your version of Office might be too old