Financial funtionality without impacting inventory management

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Our client is a charitable/ service organization. They don’t manufacture anything nor maintian any inventory. But want to use accounts payable & accounts receivable funtionality like purchase requisition, purchase order, sales order & sales quotation. Does anyone know how we could entry in financial of Ax2009 without generating any impact or relation on inventory management? Example- If I want to raise purchase requisition then I have to create item group and item list etc… I don’t want to create any inventory items… but want to create Purchase requisition, purchase order.

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It is not possible to create a purchase order without setting up items and inventory. The purchase order buys items, even if these items are service and have no impact on stock or create any financial transactions.

All that is left for you to do is use journals, no requisitions, no purchase orders etc.

However having one service item and processing on this and creating no financial transactions is not really a difficult step to make.

What Adam says that is always correct.

But I believe one way you can try to achieve your purpose by creating only one service item and item group. and use that item code only. and don’t go through GRV. While posting invoices you just select account you want to charge and then post invoice against that item. It will solve your purpose.

Thanks Adam & Raju.

I will follow adam’s suggestion.



you can do it with selecting G/L Accounts in the Purchase Orders, Invoices and Quotations.

Its very easy and simple to use.

no inventory related transactions will involve.

This is for MS Dynamics Nav I think it should be similar to AX too.

No they are COMPLETELY different functional products.

The “type” functionality of NAV where you pick item, item charge, resource or GL DOES NOT exist in AX, you pick an item number, the type of item is not up for debate, all the functionality NAV has in these areas is handled by different functionality in AX.