Financial effects of Production


I would like to know the Financial effects once a Production Order is having the END status in AX.

Meaning, which all Inventory accounts should get Debited/Credited, what should happen to the WIP account. Also what other aspects of Costs should get recorded.

I read the MS documents, but I did not get a clear picture of this. I have basic idea about Finance and Trade and Logisitcs, but new to Production.


Production receipt - debited with total cost of production

Production receipt offset - credited

Production issue - will be credited to the amount of consumption

Production offset issue - debited

Route consumption - will pick the accounts from the cost categories,

indirect costs -

Basically every entry that went into WIP is reversed and the accounts are posted again with the updated costs.

Take a look at this link, it was originally done for AX 2009, but the methodology can be applied anyway.

Good luck