Financial Dimensions tranafer from Item master to SO lines

I’ve setup my financial dimensions (Department, Cost Category, and Purpose) in the item master. I’d expect these are transferred automatically in my SO lines. However, they don’t - I’ve created a completely new SO and added the item, but the dimensions do not have any value.

Is there a setup that I am missing? I’ve run through the parameters forms of Cost Accounting, Inventory Management, General Ledger, and Accounts Receivable with no success.

nope you are missing nothing, if it is on the item it will appear on the line. You could have activated site and financial links but you can only do this on one dimension, so one would not show, your customer would override them if they existed, but the fact they are blank shows you have none on the customer. Not sure there is anything that would cause this as standard.

Thanks for the answer. Site is not activated for sure, however you mention financial links - where I can check them? Do you mean the ones under Cost accounting parameters form?

Nope I mean the site-dimension link, and if you have not activated sites the setting is irrelevant.